Welcome to Harmony & Health. We are a natural health center dedicated to providing you with valid information, top quality supplements, and excellent services. Our services include Iridology assessments, Nutritional consultations, Compass™ bio-energy scans, and Resting Metabolic Rate scans. We also offer surveys on brain health, emotional flower essences, and overall body system evaluation. Harmony & Health is dedicated to supporting you to build better health through the use of natural foods, herbs, and lifestyle. We believe that strengthening each of the body's systems, as an approach to the body as a whole, is vital to a healthy life. For the care of your health, in mind, body, and spirit, we offer only the finest natural products.
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LaDonna Frantz
LaDonna Frantz is a Registered Pharmacist and a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor by the ANMCB (American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board). She is not a medical doctor nor does she portray herself as one. As a registered pharmacist, graduating from Purdue University, she practices integrative medicine. She is dedicated to the field of natural health. She does one-on-one consultations at Harmony & Health and by phone, email, or Skype. She also teaches classes and public speaking on various health topics.
Other studies include:
Opthalmosomatic Analyst (Iridology)
Certified Natural Health Practitioner
CRA certified, Reiki Master, Certified Herbalist, and much self study
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